Ideal Members

Ideal Members

* Open-minded Individuals

* Curious and inquisitive individuals

* Scientifically-minded Individuals

* Individuals who want to actively learn, and who might even enjoy being a part of our on-going linguistics research

* Individuals who like to help and support others

* Friendly and pleasant individuals

Towajo is not for

* Individuals who think that they already have all the answers

* Individuals who want to continue to do things the way that they have always done them, even if those methods are not very effective.

(We focus our efforts on improving an existing system that desperately needs an upgrade.)

* Individuals who tend to be rude, or mean-spirited

* Individuals who find that the group, for whatever reason, does not fit their tastes.

-If you find that you are not happy with the Towajo methodology, for whatever reason, we encourage you to seek a learning environment that is more suitable to your taste. There are so many to choose from.