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Towajo English Language Workshops

***Please note that these are LIVE classes***

Frequency - We meet for class an average of 24 hours per month (about 6 hours each week).

Times* - Classes are held at various times, day and night, to accommodate students in different time zones.

Need to convert our local time to the time in your local area? *Click here. (Use "Los Angeles" for my local time.)

Class Length - Classes last at least 50 minutes. Although, we have been known to meet for as long as 4 hours! We are dedicated to our students and commit ourselves to helping them to succeed.

Cost - $25/month. (That's it. No surprises or hidden fees.)

Why are your classes so affordable? - I believe that education should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn. Also, people who are educated are better equipped to make the world a better place. And who doesn't want the world to be a better place to live in?!

What types of classes do you have? - We offer English pronunciation and English grammar classes.

What actually happens in the live classes? A part of each class is reserved for teaching. However, at certain points in a class, the instructor will invite students to participate in exercises and drills, or to ask me questions. Students may also be asked to carry out exercises with one another, for demonstration purposes, to the rest of the group.

Why should I join Towajo? You should join our group if:

* You have problems understanding native and non-native English speakers when they communicate, verbally or in writing.

* Native and non-native English speakers have great difficulty understanding you when you communicate, verbally or in writing.

* You want to improve your communication skills in English: speaking, listening, writing, spelling, and reading comprehension.

* You believe that possessing better English skills can help you to be more successful in your line of work.

* You live in an English-speaking country, and you want to improve your communication skills in order to improve your overall quality of life.

* You have been studying English for several years and you feel stuck; like you can't improve in the language the way that you would like to.

How long will it take for me to achieve lasting results with my pronunciation?

* After 6 hours of instruction - Students notice that their listening skills begin to improve. This happens very quickly. The reason for this is that they start replacing incorrect sounds with the correct ones. So, they become better at identifying sounds in English words that they commonly use.

* After 12 hours of instruction - Now that students are perceiving English sounds with greater accuracy, they will have spent the past few weeks dedicating themselves to learning how to actually pronounce English sounds with greater accuracy. They will have begun to pair their awareness of correct sounds with a newfound ability to approach pronouncing English speaking more like native speakers.

* After 3 months of instruction - This is when students start to identify specific sounds in regular English conversations. In other words, they start to be able to identify English sounds, and fix their pronunciation mistakes on their own. Students stop guessing as much at this stage, and they start actively making decisions about English sounds. Again, both their pronunciation and listening skills will significantly improve.

* After 6 months of instruction - Dedicated students, who have applied themselves, find that they are more confident and more capable of pronouncing English sounds in many more situations. Their listening skills will also be significantly improved at this point. They can follow conversations by native speakers in formal and informal situations much better than before, and usually even start to be able to decipher sounds by non-native English speakers better. In short, their awareness of universal English sounds begins to improve.

* After 12 months of instruction - Students begin to perceive English sounds more like native speakers. They also begin to pronounce all vowel and consonant sounds with better precision. Students become more aware of the specific techniques used by native speakers with their mouths, throats, tongue and soft palate when speaking, and they begin to mimic those techniques. Their sounds become gentler and more natural, overall. Their sounds flow more easily from one word to another. Lastly, because our students are not as stressed out over pronouncing words correctly at this point, they find that they are better able to dedicate themselves to their grammar studies!

* 2+ years of instruction - These are long-term students. They basically move in and become a part of the Towajo family. We study together. We explore and problem-solve together. We teach one another and learn from one another. These are very important relationships to us.

Of course, your results will vary, and they will depend a great deal on your mindset and your ability to adapt to a different way of learning. The key is to be open-minded, to apply yourself, and to be brave enough to let go of your way of doing things. So, how motivated and how ready are you to begin improving your English pronunciation?

Will my English be perfect?

* No, it will not. I'm a native English speaker and my English isn't perfect. The goal should not be for perfection. I encourage students to strive to be better.

So, try to speak English better today than you did yesterday. If you do that everyday, then your English will improve on a continual basis, and that is something that you can be proud of!

Who is your instructor? My name is Miracle. I am a linguist and an ESL teacher. I have been teaching English since 2011. During that time, I have helped thousands of students, in more than 80 different countries to improve their English grammar, as well as their English pronunciation.