Nataliya – Russia

Nataliya – Russia

Pronunciation Skills: INTERMEDIATE

Name: Nataliya
Age: 25
Country: Russia




Nataliya is a Nanomaterials researcher who lives in Apatity, Russia (the research capital of the Kola Peninsula).  She graduated from Murmansk State Technical University with honors. Her degree is in Chemistry with a concentration in the physical sciences.  She works at the Nanomaterials Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science.


Due to Nataliya’s extensive work as a researcher, she says that learning to speak English well is an absolute priority for her.  In order to become a leader in her field, one who comes to make significant contributions, she must master the English language. After one or two lessons with Miracle, Nataliya started to not only pronounce English sounds more clearly, but she also began to understand the spoken language more easily.


Her results are astounding.  After just 10 months of hard work, she began to be able to comprehend songs, movies, and even technical speeches with greater ease.


Nataliya says, with a smile, that learning English is the one thing in her life that she cannot do without.