Miracle – USA

Miracle – USA

Name: Miracle
Age: 42
Country: USA

English – Native Language

Chinese (September 2017)


Korean – Song & Open Letter


Farsi (June 2017)

Finnish – Song (March 2017)


Miracle is the Founder of the Towajo English Language Institute. She is also a linguist and a classically-trained singer.  Miracle loves languages and currently studies: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Farsi, and Russian.  She does not converse in most of these languages, however.  Instead, her main priority is on learning more about the true sounds of these languages.


In studying languages in this manner, she has become a better pronunciation teacher to students who speak a variety of languages.  Miracle believes that, in most instances, it is better to understand a student’s native language as much as possible before attempting to teach them English.  She believes that her ability to teach her students effectively has a great deal to do with the knowledge that she has gained about her individual students’ speaking patterns.


Click the sound recordings above to Miracle’s personal reading samples in various languages.  She uses the Towajo Pronunciation System to learn to speak foreign languages more clearly.  It is a part of her vision to use the Towajo System to help native English speakers to learn to speak other languages more clearly.


(Please note: Sound recordings reflect a work in progress. Miracle updates her recordings, along with the other students, 3-4 times a year.)