Mark – Brazil

Mark – Brazil

Pronunciation Skills: INTERMEDIATE LEVEL

Name: Mark
Age: 42
Country: Brazil




Mark is a Portuguese teacher and he has experience as a radio DJ.  He is also one of the most self-motivated individuals we have ever encountered, having taught himself English phonetics before we even met him.


We first noticed Mark when he began attending Miracle’s online classes. He would attend, faithfully, and up to 5 hours each day. Mark was one of the original members of The Sound Seekers, a group created by Towajo.  (The Sound Seekers is a special group lead by Miracle that is dedicated to exploring English phonetics.)


In just a matter of months of studying the Towajo Pronunciation System, Mark improved his sounds dramatically.  He made them cleaner, rounder, more open, more accurate, and more natural.  And even after all of this time, he still receives compliments on his English pronunciation.