John (Ivan) – Russia

John (Ivan) – Russia


Name: John (Ivan)
Age: 16
Country: Russia

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John is young, but he is intelligent beyond his years. This 15-year-old young man began studying privately with Miracle when he was 12 years old. Over a period of two years, he went from being a “newbie” with the English language, to challenging himself with online college courses and even familiarizing himself with the GRE test (which is taken by students who wish to gain entry into graduate school in the United States).


In addition to improving his pronunciation, he has also expanded his vocabulary, improved his writing skills, and is much more comfortable having conversations in English with native speakers. There is no doubt that John is a gifted student.  But it is his hard work and discipline that are responsible for his incredible success.


We believe that he will go on to accomplish many great things in life. And, whatever his future pursuits may be, we are confident that the superb English skills that he is developing will be hugely beneficial to his overall success.


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