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Text-Talk Downfalls

It is rare to go to a place in today’s world where you don’t see multiple people on their smartphones or other various devices. I am always fascinated when I am out and about, to see how people interact with one another.


I think one of the most baffling exchanges for me is the interaction that you see between people in restaurants. If you are taking the time to go out to a restaurant with someone, why would you sit down across from them and immediately whip out your phone? I have seen people sitting across from each other who speak very little with one another for the entire meal. Instead, they are texting away on their phones.


What is even more fascinating about texting culture is the minimal effort that people put in when it comes to actually constructing a text message. I get messages from people that have misspelled words, incorrect grammar, and little to no punctuation. I also receive texts with a variety of different abbreviations.


There is a texting language that has developed in today’s culture. People are now spending so much time having conversations on their phones that their “text-talk” has begun leaking into their speech and other written communication.


I work with students on a daily basis and I get countless emails that are nearly impossible to decipher. I will read some emails three or four times, and still struggle to understand what point or question the student was trying to get across. Often times, the way that they write me is very similar to the way that they would write text messages. Usually when this happens, I will follow it up with a personal phone call to the student.


Sometimes, I find it difficult to understand students on the phone because they mumble and do not pronounce their words clearly. I believe this is a direct relation to the lack of time we actually spend speaking with one another face to face. I see the gap continually widening.  


It is time that we take a closer look at how texting culture is affecting our communication, and at what can be done to promote clearer spoken and written English.

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