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Little Lera

We  are pleased to announce a new addition to the Towajo student family.  She is itty-bitty (very small) and comes to us from Russia at just two and a half years of age.  Her name is Lera.  Her mother has been one of my students for a little over 1.5 years and she has made tremendous progress in that time.  And so, we thought that it would be wonderful to get my student’s daughter started with English as soon as possible and help her to achieve results, as well.


Currently, little Lera has 15-minute lessons each week, via Skype.  Today, she made it to 12 minutes and decided that she had had enough. So, she abruptly hopped out of her mother’s lap and said, “goodbye.”  But little Lera’s mother and I are absolutely thrilled. She is becoming more used to me and she is becoming more accustomed to sitting still for short periods of time.



Lera’s brain is like a sponge.  She stores large quantities of information, and she does so quickly.  Apparently, after her previous 12-minute lesson she went running to her mother to show her the “bee” on her drinking cup.  In her lesson that day, we had gone over the English alphabet and in a picture slideshow, I had shown Lera that the letter “B” was for the animal “bee.”  Not only did she store the information, but she also was able to apply the lesson to real life.


Little Lera has a great mom who is deeply invested in her English education.  She supports Lera outside of class with bite-sized reminders of the things that she has learned in her brief English classes with me.  Lera also has access to lots of movies and games on her tablet.  And so, we work together like a small team.  Little Lera’s mother and I communicate openly about Lera’s English lessons.  She gives me feedback that helps me to create more effective lessons for Lera.  In short, Lera’s mother and I work together to develop the best system possible for her daughter.  And Lera seems to be blessed with natural learning ability. She is extremely bright.  This young child of just two and a half years of age is firmly on her path to learning English – and learning it well.


Nicely done, Lera!  I am proud of you and I am honored to play a role in your education at such an early part of your journey.  The sky is the limit for you.  It is clear that with your natural intelligence and with parents who love and support you, you are going to be successful in this life.




(Note: Updates for Lera will be provided approximately every 3-4 months.)