Grand Opening

Grand Opening

The Towajo English Language Institute has undergone a complete re-design.  In addition to our new website, we are also preparing to launch a new line of online services for students who wish to study English pronunciation, independently.


The Towajo Pronunciation System is different from other systems because Towajo actually guarantees measurable results. We have created a unique way of teaching English pronunciation to non-native speakers, depending on the specific needs of the individual.  And to demonstrate the efficacy of our pronunciation system, we have documented the efficacy of our methodologies over the years.  Participating students have been recorded at the beginning of their pronunciation journey, then again at 6 week intervals.  Miracle L. Smith, Towajo’s founder, even uses The Towajo System to learn to pronounce a number of foreign languages clearly: Chinese, Korean, Farsi, Spanish, and Finnish.


Over a period of 5 years, The Towajo Pronunciation System has been used by thousands of students in more than 50 different countries. Until recently, our pronunciation services were mostly available through large companies like LinguaLeo, Verbling, Italki, and Colingo.  But, as of January 18, 2016, we have launched our services independently.


An initial group of Alpha Testers have been enlisted to use our services and to provide initial feedback on their experiences. And we are currently in search of Beta Testers to join our team. All participants receive English pronunciation lessons for free during the entire time that they help test our services.


We invite you to visit the official website to learn more about our unique services.  And if you are interested in improving your English pronunciation for free, we encourage you to apply to become a Beta Tester.  We would like to officially welcome you to The Towajo English Language Institute.


We teach students to speak English clearly, confidently, accurately, and naturally.

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