Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Learning is an ongoing process. It is not something that stops as soon as you get out of school. Real world experiences help us to continually grow and learn each and every day. Aside from day to day experiences, you can also seek out ways to continually challenge yourself by doing such things as: taking online courses, reading books or scholarly journals, or even watching instructive YouTube videos.


The options, when it comes to learning are endless, and the biggest mistake a person can make is to think that he no longer needs to seek out new ways to learn and challenge himself.


Pronunciation is an area in which many people seem to think that growth and continuous improvement are not necessary. However, when it comes to communicating effectively with others, both professionally and personally, continuing to strengthen pronunciation skills is essential.


We are living in a diverse world where we work with people who speak a myriad of different languages on a daily basis. Because of the different languages and accents being used, the pronunciation barrier continually increases and makes it harder for people to understand one another.


The English language, specifically, is very complex and is made up of 19 different vowel sounds. An example of the complexity of the English language is that a single word can be pronounced in several different ways depending on the context. As a result, conversational speech can be tricky, and many things that people say can be easily misinterpreted.


At Towajo, we are challenging you to continually improve the quality of your spoken English and your pronunciation. Our system provides you with the necessary tools to be successful.

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