Alpha Tester: $100 Prize

Alpha Tester: $100 Prize

Alpha Testing is an important event for us.  Alpha Testers are individuals who have been personally invited by Miracle to utilize the services at Towajo University as our very first students.  On Tuesday, March 1, 2016 an Alpha Tester who has proven to be a particularly helpful participant will be awarded $100 for his/her dedication to our project.


To win, you must excel at utilizing the resources available at Towajo University.  We are looking for a student who is self-motivated when it comes to learning, who is an excellent communicator, and who provides valuable feedback that allows us to improve our services.


Selection criteria will be based on:

  • Course participation & Feedback
  • Course grades & Feedback
  • Forum participation & Feedback
  • Community participation & Feedback
  • Ability to learn independently, with limited assistance from Towajo staff




To claim your prize, you MUST have an active PayPal account that is in good standing, and that allows us to transfer funds to you.  If you do not have an active PayPal account, or if there are issues with your account that prevent us from transferring funds to you, you will not be eligible for this reward.


Unfortunately, PayPal is the only way that we can transfer funds internationally.  We sincerely apologize to participants who reside in countries that do not allow PayPal – but, please know that there will be no exceptions to this rule.


If you are a minor and you do not possess a PayPal account, the prize will be transferred to the PayPal account of the adult of your choosing.


We are not responsible for prize funds once they have been transferred to the indicated recipient.

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