A Warning About English Teachers

A Warning About English Teachers

This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  All persons who claim to be English Teachers are not necessarily good English Teachers.  In fact, many who call themselves English teachers are not even native English speakers and have not learned English well enough to understand the very basics of the language.


Sure.  There will be situations where students want to casually take English lessons with a teacher who is not a native speaker of the language.  In these situations, the student might want to do something like improve their vocabulary skills or prepare for a specific test.  In such instances, an individual with moderate English skills might suffice.  But, this article attempts to serve as a warning to those who are in search of qualified, professional English teachers.


Take a look at the attachment.


Not only is the advertisement full of grammatical errors, but the English is also quite unnatural.  The writing illustrates an extremely low level of English language proficiency.  The author of this ad claims to be a professional English teacher, however he/she seems to have simply memorized some vocabulary words and randomly pulled these words together in what is supposed to be a demonstration of his professional English language services.


But instead of demonstrating English language ability, this person is actually demonstrating a distinct inability to use the English language.


If you are in need of English language instructional services, we recommend locating a native speaker who has experience in the actual language, itself.  And it is even better if the native speaker has experience as an actual instructor.  Otherwise, you could be learning a version of English that is nothing like the version that native English speakers use.


We highly recommend that you choose your next English Teacher wisely.  Good luck!

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